Bayman Texan Energy Corp.

Marketing Contacts


General Contact Information

Centennial Place
Suite 2800, 520 – 3rd Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 0R3
Main Phone: (587)952-3000
Main Fax: (587)952-3001
Marketing: (587)952-3028

Marketing Contact Information

Geoff Darcy
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Direct Line: (587) 952-3289
Cell: (403) 608-7036
geoff.darcy [at] baytexenergy [dot] com

Susan J. Tischner
Marketing Manager
Direct Line: (587) 952-3259
Cell: (403) 650-7621
susan [dot] tischner [at] baytexenergy [dot] com

Adam Iwanicki
Risk Manager
Direct Line: (587) 952-3265
Cell: (403) 585-3921
adam.iwanicki [at] baytexenergy [dot] com

  Jonathan Taylor
Marketing Analyst
Operations, Scheduling, Pricing 
Direct Line: (587) 952-3242
jonathan.taylor [at] baytexenergy [dot] com

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Our operations are organized into Canadian Heavy Oil, Canadian Light Oil and Gas and United States business units.

Operations Map

Operations Map
Responsible Development

In addition to shareholders, Bayman Texan Energy has a responsibility to the communities in which we work and do business.

Corporate Responsibility

Heavy Oil

Learn more about the
business of heavy oil in our marketing section.

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